KDV Group is looking for a Chief Accounting Officer in Zagreb!

КДВ Групп — крупнейший российский производитель кондитерских изделий, снеков, чая, кофе, соков, консервации и других товаров
Кого ищем
KDV Group is looking for a Chief Accounting Officer in Zagreb!
Кого ищем
«KDV Group» LLC is one of the largest Russian producers of confectionery, snacks, tea, coffee, juices, preservation and other goods
its own transport system covering the territory of Russia, countries near and far abroad
products per year
branches in other countries
distribution centers
sales branches in Russia
Who we need
We are seeking a Chief Accounting Officer to organize and execute accounting management in a branch of «KDV Group» LLC in Zagreb. The branch is engaged in wholesale sale of goods in Croatia.
- More than 3 years progressive experience in accounting, including chief accountant work experience;
- Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance or related field (certificates of accountant and auditor will be an advantage);
- Advanced PC user (accounting and tax accounting systems skills);
- Proficiency in English language is required
- Highly skilled at accounting, tax legislation, IFRS;
- Basic knowledge of Funds Transfer Pricing;
- Continuous self-development on issues related to personal competence;
- An official employment contract;
- Competitive salary and benefits (negotiable based on experience and qualifications);
- Detailed questions about the company and job functions can be asked at the interview.
Requirements and Working Conditions
- Organization and execution of accounting management of the newly created enterprise;
- Timely and accurate preparation of financial statements on the company's financial and business operations;
- Assisting with preparation and submission of mandatory financial statements, and procedures of audits and inspections of state bodies;
- Preparation of the mandatory reports for the shareholders of the company;
- Verification and analysis of accounting data and reports;
- Preparation of financial and statistical reports;
- Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reports to the government bodies (including but not limited to tax returns for all taxes);
- Systematization and storage of source documents and company reports;
- Interaction (including but not limited to business correspondence and official replies) and cooperation on all issues with counterparties, tax consultants and legal advisers, government and financial institutions (including but not limited to tax and customs services);
- Payroll accounting (including income and benefits);
- Tax legislation monitoring;
- Organizing and conducting the stock take of assets, liabilities;
- Other activities that are potentially within the competence of the Сhief Accountant Officer.

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Chief Accounting Officer
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